The pencil tool is one of the Drawing tools used in Line Rider. When selected, the players clicks and drags a route on the page. The path in which the pencil is dragged is where the line is drawn.

Types Edit

Normal Edit

Bosh (or other player available) ventures the track at normal speed.

Accelerated Edit

Bosh will speed up when he rides on a Speed line. If you use too many, Bosh will fall about and jumble, usually resulting with him flying in the air and landing miles away from the course.

Scenery Edit

The Scenery pencil is purely scenic, it won't affect Bosh's movement. It is useful for themed tracks.


In the beta version, Bosh would slow down when he comes across the brown colored line. If used exceedingly, Bosh would stop and would not finish the track.


In the beta version, after Bosh is on the track the pink line will disintegrate behind him and Bosh can no longer go across that line or will fall through as it disintegrates under him.