Line Rider 2: Unbound is a console version of Line Rider released on Wii, Nintendo DS and PC near the end of 2008. It was developed by InXile Entertainment. As well as the character in the original Line Rider, 2 extra characters, Bailey and Chaz, were added.
Line Rider 2


The main character in the series. Bosch tries to win over his crush, Bailey, by battling Chaz in sledding through the lines directed by the player. Chaz tries setting traps for Bosch to fall in, but they always fail.


The female character in the series. Both Chaz and Bosch are battling for her while Chaz is trying to cheat his way through, Bosch just wants to play a fair game. She is captured by Chaz.


The antagonist of the series. He challenges Bosch over Bailey and the Ultimate Sled but he uses traps to cheat and to throw Bosch off the course.